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Best Contact Lenses Price in Pakistan

ContactLens.pk stocks all the major transparent eyesight lenses brands for all prescriptions. Now you can easily provide the prescription card and get your eyesight contact lenses delivered to your home. 

The Largest Range of Transparent and Colored Contact Lenses

ContactLens.pk deals with premium quality contact lenses available at an affordable price. We aim to provide the best contact lenses brands in Pakistan at your doorstep. Our team works 24/7 to bring the worldwide bestselling transparent and colored contact lenses with or without prescription options.

At ContactLens.pk, you can find the best transparent contact lenses price in Pakistan. Also, you can choose through the huge assortment of brands according to your needs and budget. We cater to all kinds of prescriptions and serve you with the best quality and price as well. 

Online lens shopping is now easier than ever with the lowest prescription contact lenses price and the widest range of colored contact lenses. Also, the reliable customer service at ContactLens.pk makes us the most trusted contact lens store across the country.

One Day Acuvue Moist Lenses

These one day Acuvue contact lenses are daily disposable transparent contacts. Extremely hydrated and soft, these lenses are suitable for all-day wear and perfect for sensitive eyes. These premium quality lenses cost 8,500 PKR on ContactLens.pk. 

Acuity Contact Lenses

The Acuity transparent contact lenses are highly suitable for people with weak eyesight as these lenses have high moisture. The hydration prevents any irritation or dryness in the eyes while wearing contact lenses for several hours. These eyesight contact lenses cost 3,000 PKR.

Biomedics 55 Contact Lenses

Biomedics contact lenses come with the lowest weak eyesight lens price in Pakistan. The Biomedics contact lens price is 3,200 PKR. These lenses feature ultimate comfort and crisp vision for extended wear. 

Biomedics Toric Contact Lenses

The daily wear Biomedics Toric Lenses have UV blocking features to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These lenses have more than 50% moisture to retain hydration in your eyes. The bestselling Biomedics Toric contact lens cost 5,500 PKR.

Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses Soflens 59

ContactLens.pk stocks the top selling contact lenses for customers all over the country. The Bausch and Lomb Soflens 59 feature a specialized material that prevents the accumulation of proteins on the surface. This enables high visual clarity and optimum comfort all day long. Buy softens 59 at a price of only 3,300 PKR.  We offer best eye lens price in Pakistan.

Colored lenses not only make your eyes look captivating but also reflect your aura and personality. Eyes are the most prominent feature on the face and colored contact lenses can enhance them even more. Shop your desired color lens at the most affordable price on ContactLens.pk. 

One Day Color Contact Lenses

Shop the wide variety of one day contact lenses available in several color options. The Freshlook one day contact lenses are available in four enchanting colors. Also, these lenses should be disposed of after using them for one day. Freshlook lenses price is only 1,000 PKR.

Bella One Day lenses are also available on ContactLens.pk for only 1,800 PKR. These best selling lenses earned several five-star contact lens reviews online due to the stunning color lens shades and affordable price. 

Comfort Color Lenses

The vivid and bright shades of Comfort contact lenses are perfect for day to night occasions. These are also available in the power lenses option so you can comfortably wear them every day. Get the best price of Comfort contact lenses for only 4,000 PKR. 

Eye Soft Lens 

These three-tone Eye Soft Lens come in transparent and vibrant color options. The classy yet bold colors are suitable for day to day wear and available at an affordable price. Buy these extended wear lenses for only 3,000 PKR.

FreshColor Cosmetic Lens

The top selling FreshColor Cosmetic Lens are now available in your country at an unbeatable low price. These color contact lenses are available in nine different shades to suit your personality perfectly. Shop these ultimately comfortable lenses at a price of only 2,500 PKR at ContactLens.pk.

Adore Contact Lenses

These cosmetic contact lenses are available in four ravishing colors at an affordable price. Adore cosmetic lenses feature unique patterns and shades that make everyone turn heads. Make an unforgettable statement with these colored lenses available for only 3,700 PKR.

Primo Lens

Avail the lowest price of Primo lens in Pakistan with the UV light blocking feature. These high quality lenses come for a price of only 2,400 PKR. Order these lenses with your prescription for optimal comfort and clarity. 

Premium Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses are some of the most sought after contact lenses worldwide. These lenses come with the latest technology and innovation that allows extra oxygen exposure to the eyes. 

The porous surface of these premium lenses helps oxygen pass through and prevent stress on the eyes. ContactLens.pk stocks the best selling contact lenses brands with this technology at the lowest possible price. 

Acuvue Oasys Lenses

These lenses feature the hydra clear technology that provides visual clarity all day and comfort to the eyes. The extended wear Acuvue lenses are suitable for wearing up to one week without any discomfort. Also, these lenses come with UV blocking technology to provide next level protection to your eyes. 

Bausch and Lomb Ultra Contact Lenses

The premium quality Bausch and Lomb lenses present these ultra contact lenses for maximum comfort. These lenses lock the hydration in your eyes for up to 16 hours without drying out. Also, the unbeatable quality of Bausch and Lomb now comes at an affordable price of 6,600 PKR.

High-Quality Contact Lens Solution Price in Pakistan

ContactLens.pk ensures affordability and premium quality in all of the products. We deal with the top selling contact lens solution brands around the world and provide them at an economical price. 

Contact lens solution help retain the moisture in the lenses and also provide comfort for all day wear. Also, these solutions help remove any debris from the lens surface for clear vision. The price of lens solution ranges from 300 -1800 PKR depending upon the size and brand of the product.

Q: How much does an eye lens cost?

Contact lenses price varies depending on the quality and brand. Usually, these lenses range from 300 PKR to 4000 PKR. Some international brands cost higher due to better clarity, shades, and designs. 

However, the eyes are a sensitive and vital organ of the body so always consider investing in premium quality contact lenses for your eyes. Also, there are several high-quality brands available that offer good quality at an affordable price. Always do your research before buying contact lenses online.  

Q: Are colored contacts expensive?

Generally, colored contact lenses cost more than regular contact lenses. Also, adding the power option to color contacts increases the price of these lenses. Colored lenses are priced higher as the innovation and special effects increase the cost. 

Even though colored lenses can be on the pricier side, they instantly brighten your complexion and make you look more youthful and awake. Hence, you can always buy colored contact lenses with or without a prescription to upgrade your look. 

Q: Are colored eye contacts dangerous?

Colored eye contacts are similar to regular transparent contact lenses. However, these lenses have a specific tint and pattern on the surface that temporarily changes your eye color. In easy words, colored lenses are a cosmetic accessory that you can wear to change your appearance. 

Meanwhile, contact lenses do not cause any harm to your eyes as long as they are from a trusted brand and you wear them correctly. Always check contact lenses review online before making a purchase and buy from an authorized seller. Also, properly check the seal and hydration of contact lenses before using them. 

Q: Do colored contracts expire?

Contact lenses always come with an expiration date. These lenses are usually categorized in one day, weekly, monthly, or even yearly contact lenses. You can purchase them according to your needs and dispose of them after the specified period. 

Never use the lenses after the prescribed time as it can cause infections in the eye and distorted vision. The expiration date comes on the label or cover of your contact lenses box. Read the instructions and usage time carefully before using contact lenses. 

Q: Which colored contacts are the most comfortable?

The latest technology has immensely increased the comfort level and the wear time of contact lenses. Choose lenses that mention a high moisture content and longer periods of hydration. Such lenses prevent dryness and irritation in the eyes and stay comfortable throughout the day. 

Some of the prominent brands with the most comfortable lenses include Bella lenses, Acuvue contact lenses, Bausch and Lomb lenses, and many more. ContactLens.pk always keeps your comfort level in mind and sells premium quality contact lenses brands in Pakistan. 

Q: Is it bad to wear contacts every day?

Contact lenses can cause irritation or infection in the eyes during the nighttime. Hence, experts suggest taking your contact lenses off before going to sleep. However, some extended wear contact lenses are suitable for wearing over several days without the need to take them off. 

On the safe side, take out your lenses and rinse them in contact lens solution regularly to prevent any buildup and bacterial infection due to the lenses. Also, make sure to keep hydrating the lenses now and then since dry lenses can cause strain in the eyes. 

ContactLens.pk is the leading brand in the world of contact lens shopping in Pakistan. Our fast service, timely delivery, and customer support enable us to lead this market at the front. 

We offer premium quality contact lens brands that provide transparent lenses, colored lenses, prescription lenses, contact lenses solutions for your every lens-related needs. Explore the vast range of the latest contact lenses collection available in Pakistan on ContactLens.pk.